The Martian

4.5 Stars

Thank you to Blogging for Books and Edelweiss for providing me with an e-galley copy for review.

I really enjoyed reading the story of Mark Watney, astronaut and botanist, getting accidentally stranded on Mars by his Hermes crew and his ingenious ways of figuring out how to survive until he can get rescued.

While a terrifying concept, Weir manages to insert humour into the story. It cannot be easy to add humour into a survival story and make it work without getting into cheesy territory. That said, it wasn’t all humour – there was plenty of drama to make this an unputdownable page turner.

I also enjoyed the nerdy qualities in this book quite a bit – though I did get a little bored with all the calculations. On one hand it was a refreshing way of telling the story and adding to the drama (will he survive on x many potatoes??), it got a bit cumbersome.

Overall, I thought it was a fun and exciting read and I am looking forward to seeing the movie that is in the works.


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