The Ice Twins by S K Tremayne

The premise sounded great. The beginning was pretty good. Then about 30% through and onwards it was painfully bad. The entire book would have been made pointless if the two parents, Sarah and Angus, were more honest with each other. People lie to each other when they’re married. Fine. But these lies were so stupid and unlikely. I know that married people having problems in their marriage lie to each other but why would they lie to each other about their child/ren when the lie can potentially cause great harm to said child/ren.  It was stupid and bad parenting.

The pacing of the novel was pretty good and it’s really a shame that the plot suffered from the lazy execution.

I also really enjoyed the pictures in the chapter breaks.  I wish more novels did that.  It really added a lot to the atmosphere of the novel.
I won an arc copy of this book from a goodreads giveaway so maybe the finished copy wasn’t so sloppy.


5 thoughts on “The Ice Twins by S K Tremayne

    1. It definitely has some creepy moments but they were ruined for me by some of the bad decisions the characters made. I read an ARC so maybe the final copy was more polished.


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