Review of The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood


My rating – 3/5 stars

Published on September 29, 2015

Margaret Atwood’s new dystopian novel The Heart Goes Last follows a married couple initially living out of their car after the economy plummets and then the couple move into a walled city type of project called Consilience. At Consilience, they alternate every month between living in a perfect little home in the town and a month of prison work at Positron. Then, sh!t goes down.

Though the book starts off as a typical dystopian, it quickly turns into an original story as only Atwood can do. At times it feels more like a taut thriller than a dystopian (who’s side are certain individuals on??). Characters have to make some very difficult decisions and I love that Atwood framed them in a non-judgmental way. It made it difficult to side with characters but you also couldn’t discount why they were doing certain things.

I would say that the first 75-80% of the novel are quick page-turners with some literary insight. Then something weird happens and it feels too silly for me to endorse. The last chunk of the book felt like it was part of a different novel. For me, the tension that was built up to that point was lost because the results felt so ridiculous.

I would recommend this novel to lovers of dystopians and for fans of Margaret Atwood. I enjoyed the majority of the book and would have given it 4 stars if not for the dumb ending.  I still think that many readers will get something out of this novel.

I received a copy of an arc from the publisher after winning a giveaway, so my review is based on the unfinished copy.


5 thoughts on “Review of The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

    1. I’ve only read The Handmaid’s Tale by her and had the opposite reaction than this book gave me. That book had so much impact and this one just felt silly. I will definitely read more Atwood in the future but I am disappointed with this one :/ Which ones are your favourites?


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