Review of Rain: A Natural and Cultural History

My rating – 4.5/5 stars

I’m not typically a reader of non-fiction. I read maybe 10 non-fiction books per year, and they’re mostly memoirs – which means easy to get into and read. 

I was attracted to Rain by Cynthia Barnett because the cover is so simple and lovely and because the premise sounded so interesting. 

The chapters cover everything rain and water related from the science behind tropical storms, to rain that used to exist on other planets before evaporating to the cultural history that influenced religion, literature and general pop culture. 

Everything covered in this book is fascinating because it covers so many areas (science, literature, sociology). The scientific chapters were the slowest for me because I am NOT a scientific minded person but even those were interesting. 

Barnett did a great job with making the topics both accessible yet intelligently written so it didn’t feel dumbed down. 

I received a copy from Blogging for Books for review but ended up borrowing a finished copy from the library. It is likely that I will purchase this book when it comes out in paperback. 

Also, huge congrats to the author for getting long listed for a National Boon Award. 


One thought on “Review of Rain: A Natural and Cultural History

  1. Hi Mali! Long time, no see.

    Ooo, this seems like such a fascinating book. Rain and weather are used as poetic and literary devices so often it makes sense for Rain to have its own chapter in cultural history.

    But I’d be interested to know about th scientific side of rain too. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention!


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