Review of My Name is Lucy Barton


My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

I’m very disappointed with this one. I really liked Olive Kitteridge when I read it in 2014 and so I was very excited about Strout’s new release.

I liked the basic outline of the story – the daughter is in the hospital and her estranged mother visits her for a few days, all the while telling her stories about women they know whose marriages are falling apart. I also liked the idea that the protagonist was writing a book based on stories about relationships.

However, I found that the two main characters, Lucy Barton and her mother, fell flat. They were pretty irritating at times (the nicknames ugh! Wizzle, Cookie, Toothache. Please stop with the nicknames!) and completely dull at other times. There were a few childhood memories of Lucy’s that were compelling (her brother’s relationship with the father) but for the most part felt like material that has been done before ad nauseum.

This short book took me far longer to read than it should have.


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