Review of Angel of History


Angel of History by Rabih Alameddine

My rating – 3.75/5 stars

I requested Angel of History from Netgalley because I read An Unnecessary Woman in 2014 and it was one of my favourite reads of the year.  It was a book that I thought about long after I finished reading it and one that I can still remember well to this day.

Angel is a satirical novel drawing inspiration from The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov which  I also read in 2014 and very much enjoyed.

The book centres around Jacob, who checked into a mental health facility because of his delusions following the death of his lover.  The book takes place during the 1980s wherein a lot of gay men were dying of AIDS and very little was known about the disease at the time.

Love and death are central themes in the book (and sometimes literal characters).

Though I enjoyed the book, I thought it was a bit too disjointed.  I know that it was narratively experimental on purpose but it didn’t always work for me.

I read this in December 2016 but if you’re doing the Book Riot Read Harder challenge then this one is a good pic for a few categories (LGTBQ+ romance, character of colour goes on a spiritual journey, book with central immigrant experience).


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