Review: The Things We Cannot Say



The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer

3.75 out of 5 stars

The Things We Cannot Say is a dual timeline story taking place in the current day and during WWII.

The contemporary timeline follows Alice as she struggles with her challenging family life as her grandmother (Babcia) is hospitalized. Alice is particularly close to her Babcia so when her Babcia makes an unusual request that Alice go to Poland to make some discoveries before she passes away, Alice is dumbfounded but intrigued.

The second storyline follows Alina Dziak, living in a small village in Poland which is about to be invaded by Nazis and follows her story until 1942.

I don’t often enjoy stories with stories taking place during multiple timelines because it is almost inevitable that I will enjoy one of the timelines and have to put up with the other timeline(s) until it switches back. Though I was a bit more invested in the WWII timeline, I was still enjoying the contemporary story with Alice and didn’t feel that itch to fast-forward to get back to the other story. The author did a fantastic job of making both story lines interesting enough with characters that had me invested in their outcomes.

Although both Alina and Alice annoyed me at times, they felt like real people. They were flawed and made mistakes but that made them more human because they didn’t always react in a heroic or likeable way.

The only big criticism I have is that I felt like side character, Saul Weiss got shafted in the story. I can’t go into his role without revealing spoilers but I wish the author did more with him.

I received a digital review copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review but I ended up listening to the finished copy as an audiobook so I am reviewing the finished copy instead of the uncorrected proof.

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